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About Kellie

Kellie Bock

Between the ages of ten and twenty-six before becoming a Christian, Kellie was involved in occult practices such as ouija boards, reincarnation, tarot cards, witchcraft, astrology, psychics and astral-projection 1.

During those years she was also experiencing evil, demonic oppression2. Not having any real religious teaching, Kellie did not realize that these were spiritual attacks. She was afraid and confused, thinking she might be losing her mind.

When she was still living at home she tried to tell her parents what was happening to her at night. As wonderful and loving as they were they just didn’t understand. They tried to comfort her by telling her that she was just having bad dreams or that it was just her imagination. They did the best they could to convince her that none of it was real. After awhile she stopped telling them. She never told anybody else either. If she couldn’t convince her parents that these were real encounters probably nobody else would either. They might even think she was crazy.

Kellie’s husband Fred, however, has witnessed many of her attacks. Although he could not see the demons he knew she did. There were times, he says, that he could definitely feel a presence that made him very uneasy.

These terrifying, horrible attacks continued even after Kellie was born again. It wasn’t until she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began learning about spiritual warfare that things began to change.

Kellie and Fred had begun praying every night for the Holy Spirit to help her end these awful attacks---and did He ever!!!

One night, a week or so later, Kellie faced what she calls The Showdown! It was the most horrible, paralyzing, terrifying attack she had ever experienced. There is so much to tell that Kellie has decided to write a book in which she will be able to recount, in great detail, all of her encounters. Most importantly, how she was delivered that incredible night. It is the combination of that night and then the vision God gave her of The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven that put Kellie on a mission to share an inspiring, empowering message.

In her own words, “ I have experienced years of demonic oppression. I have been in the presence of pure evil and even believed, during The Showdown, that I might die. I know there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that are going through the same, if not worse, demonic oppression. Take it from someone who’s been there, you are NOT crazy, sick or a bad person that God must be punishing. That is what satan wants you to believe3. Like ouija boards are just a harmless game. The GOOD news is there is an answer. It is the awesome Power of The Holy Spirit in us, the unequaled Authority of the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus and the total Dominion over All the earth and Everything in it INCLUDING SATAN!

Kellie’s passion is to help those who are under demonic attack and oppression understand what God has provided for us to break free and live the life of victory won for us through Jesus.4

The Keys of the Kingdom carry a very empowering message. Spiritual warfare is real. Satan is real. We are in battle everyday5. Our battle may be demonic or it may be drug addiction or disease or pornography or any number of things.6 With Jesus and Holy Spirit in us we are warriors and we can, as Kellie so directly puts it, “ kick demon butt!!!”7

Remember that knowledge is power. Know who you are as a child of God8. As you can see from reading Kellie’s background, God uses the most unlikely people. All she had to offer was a willing heart and a desire to know God’s word and be obedient. Know the power that is within you, the authority of the name Jesus and your dominion. Remind yourself and share the message by wearing The Keys of the Kingdom so ALL CAN KNOW.

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