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Destined For Dominion
This is the revised version of the book Kellie spoke of in The Vision (Not Made For Defeat) ~ This is a powerfull book. To learn more about your Authority, Power and Dominion you must read this book.
http://www.gillministries.com    Phone: (909) 866-3119

Examine the Evidence® series of belief–building booklets.
Ralph O. Muncaster, a former skeptic of the Bible, is the founder of Evidence of God Ministries, which helps people with belief struggles. A frequent lecturer at colleges and churches, he has authored Examine the Evidence®, A Skeptic’s Search for God, 101 Reasons You Can Believe, Dismantling Evolution, and the Examine the Evidence® series of belief–building booklets.

The Tongue, A Creative Force
This is a powerful teaching book by Charles Capps. This is another must read that will teach you to use your Authority, Power and Dominion and be a bold and effective prayer warrior.

Christian Art

He Holds The Keys
Painting by Ron DiCianni. ~ Ron DiCianni vividly illustrates Christ victorious over death, the grave and Satan in He Holds the Keys. He reminds us that Jesus died on the cross and conquered death that we might have eternal life. Death no longer has any dominion but instead, Christ holds the keys.


Gill Ministries
The Gills are actively involved in teaching believers around the world the truth of God's Word by personal example, books, training materials, teaching in the International School of Ministry and other Bible schools. Their objective is to see every believer move in faith, authority, and the power of the Holy Spirit, doing the same works that Jesus did when He walked the earth.

Jesus Saves
We found a very interesting site on the Internet. As a free service, this site provides hope and encouragement for many of life's problems. Its address is www.jesussaves.cc. If you share the vision to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, forward this message to several other people today.

Perry Stone Ministries - Voice of Evangelism
God has given Perry a special anointing to open up the prophetic scriptures. However, He teaches on many other subjects from the Bible. He enjoys teaching Hebraic roots and on spiritual warfare. He has ministered extensively on the Holy Spirit and on faith. One look at the titles of his teaching albums will reveal he enjoys ministering on every subject that is in the Bible!

The Star of Bethlehem
Was the Star of Bethlehem a real astronomical event? A myth created by the early church? Explore the history and science for yourself... We were so impressed with this presentation.........Kellie & Fred

The Way of the Master
Mission Statement: The Way of the Master is an interdenominational ministry whose purpose is to teach Christians how to share the gospel effectively, biblically...the way Jesus did. ~ They have lots of Audio, Video, Printed and Online Resourses available.

Our Church

Christian Faith Center (Federal Way, WA)
You Are Invited to Christian Faith Center The services at Christian Faith Center have been designed with you in mind. At both locations, we offer uplifting music strong teaching that is relevant to the issues you face in life, plus programs for children of all ages. If you need prayer or someone to talk to , our pastoral staff and leadership team are available to pray with you after each service. Our services are approximately 90 minutes long, and we offer Russian and Spanish translation at various services. ~ Watch Sunday service at 9:30 and 11:45 am PST on the www.caseytreat.com by clicking on the Live Broadcast box.
http://www.CaseyTreat.com    Phone: (253) 943-2400

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